Saturday, March 12, 2016

Some photos and videos of Silivri from yesterday

Hi to everyone,

It was a nice sunny day yesterday.
I took a walk outside, near the sea as always.
I took some photos of Silivri, Istanbul, Turkey which is my hometown yesterday. You can find them below. I also uploaded some videos of Silivri which I recorded yesterday to my Youtube channel, you can also find it below when I complete the upload.
It was a sunny day with full of oxygen near the sea and there were some waves in the sea.
It was a great scenery with all the sea birds flying over the sea.

Take care


Update (20160312_1052) : You can find the videos in the following Youtube links in my Youtube channel.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

LAVA Double-Sided Cast Iron Griddle 26x47 Cm (Lava Düz Ve Izgara Yüzeyli Metal Kulplu Döküm Demir Griddle 26x47 Cm)


Today, a couple of hours ago, I received my new LAVA double-sided cast iron griddle that I was waiting for some time. It's 26x47 cm, it's quite big, I mean bigger than my expectations. It's produced in LAVA factories in Eskisehir in Turkey. They shipped it to me from there. Its name is "Lava Düz Ve Izgara Yüzeyli Metal Kulplu Döküm Demir Griddle 26x47 Cm" in Turkish.

This is the second product I bought from LAVA. First one was a circular grill pan which I am very happy with it. I used it a couple of times until now. I cooked some meat and vegetables and they were marvellous. It's something like that you make BBQ inside the house although you need a good air circulation because of the smoke while cooking.

If you search the internet about cast iron cooking I am sure you will find lots of information about this ancient style of cooking which is healthy and delicious.

You can use this griddle which is double sided for grilling with the grill side and for especially the breakfast cooking with the smooth side.

You can find some photos of this product I bought, below. And I will share with you my unboxing video of this product in Youtube later when it will be ready.

I will share my experiences and meals I tried with this product on my food blog which is

Take care


Update (20160310_2038) : You can find the unboxing video of it in the following Youtube link.


Hi to everyone.

In this blog page, I will try to share the things that I find useful in my daily life as well anything personal about my life.

You are welcome to follow me if you find anything interested for you.

This is my first blog post in this page so I am so excited.

Since I am jobless nowadays I take a lot of walkings daily on the shore, the result is a pair of broken sports shoes. I think an average person does not use their shoes that heavily. I nearly walk about 2 hours at least with short stops. Then the bottom part of my shoes broken apart where they originally glued. Since the top part of the shoes are not so much worn away, I decided to repair them by gluing them again. I tried a couple of different types of glues to accomplish this, but nothing worked right. After a couple of minutes of walking, the shoes are again broken. I tried the Pattex by Henkel, even that one did not work. At the end I went to the local shopping store called AVM in Turkish which they sell generally cheap things imported from far east Asia countries. I explained my problem and they advised me to use a super glue called 502. I do not know if you used or heard about it before. It is super powerful and so quick to stick. But you need to pay attention not to touch it to any part of your body especially eyes and store it away from children since it a chemical and can give serious health hazards to people if not used in the correct way. I share the photos of this product below as I said this one is the type that is sold in Turkey right now, I think there are a lot of versions of it that is sold around the world. It says on the box "Cyanoacrylate Adhesive", I do not now what this means, I think this is the chemical name of this product. Since I glued my shoes nearly one week ago there are no breaks yet, I will monitor their performance in the coming hot summer days.

!!! Again I warn you to use them carefully.

Take care.